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Four South German Women (Noble and Plebian) from Augsburg and Swabia

A printmaker active in Antwerp and later in Cologne, de Bruyn worked for publishing houses and was the author and publisher of his own Divesarum (sic) Gentium Armatura Equestris. Ubi fere Europae Asiae atque Africae equitandi ratio propria expressa…

Americae Retectio [Discovery of America]

Collaert was a Flemish engraver, here copying a design by Stradanus (Jan van der Straeten of Bruges, 1523-1605). Stradanus was a Flemish mannerist artist active in Florence. After 1550, he worked for the Medici and was the teacher of Antonio…

Boy Playing a Flute

Francesco Giambattista da Ponte Bassano (known as Bassano the Younger) was an Italian painter from Venice, the son of Jacopo da Ponte Bassano a leading Venetian mannerist artist. Francesco carried on the family workshop. He was a prolific painter of…


The composition of Pieter Breughel's Winter Landscape with Ice-Skaters was copied from this print published by the Antwerp publisher Hieronymous Cock after a drawing by Hans Bol of Mechelen (1534-93). Breughel copied Bol’s print very closely, but…

Coat of Arms with a Skull

A coat of arms coupled with a wildman and young lady fuses themes of memento mori, young woman and death, and the ill matched couple. A tour de force of humanist wit, Dürer has engraved his monogram on a tablet below the coat of arms and the date…

Icon of Saint Haralambos

St. Haralambos was a bishop who lived in Magnesia near Ephesus in the second century and according to his legend he has the distinction of being the oldest of all martyrs (as he was over 100 years old at the time of his death). He is shown haloed and…

Wooded Landscape with Floral Border

The central scene is flanked by two large trees to left and right. There is a large red parrot in the tree on the left. Large leafy plants are placed across the foreground. A lake fills the center of the field, beyond which are two ruined buildings…

La Belle Ferronnière

Lucrezia Crivelli, mistress of Lodovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, was a famous beauty immortalized by Leonardo da Vinci’s Louvre portrait of the 1490s. She seems older here, where she is shown in a back view facing right and turning to look out at the…

Louis XIII, King of France

Louis XIII reigned from 1601-1643, but wasn't crowned until 1610. In the bust-length medallion he looks out at the viewer directly and wears a lace collar with a sash across his chest. The medallion is inscribed “Louis XIII Roi de France.”

Titus Vespasian

In this profile portrait, head facing right, Titus Flavius Vespasianus (Titus, son of the emperor Vespasian, who had the same name, ruled from 79-81 CE) wears a victor’s laurel wreath. The Roman numeral XI refers to the order of the Twelve Caesars…