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The Death of Adonis

Waterloo was a north French painter and etcher active in Utrecht and elsewhere in the northern Netherlands. His oeuvre consists of landscapes often with figures. One-hundred and thirty-six etchings are extant, done in an original technique combining…

View of Vienne

Here we have a bird’s eye view of the town on the Rhone river in France with fields and a high promontory in the foreground. Small letters on various buildings, gates, chateaux, churches, and sections of town correspond to a detailed list of…

Stormy Landscape with Philemon and Baucis

Bolswert was a Dutch engraver active in Antwerp. The publisher’s name and location are in the lower righthand corner: “Gillis Hendricx excudit. Antwerpia cum privilegio.” The print is based on a painting by Rubens, “Stormy Landscape with…

Bearers of Coin and Plate, Bearers of Trophies of Special Armor, from the Triumphs of Caesar

Mantegna was a celebrated Italian Renaissance painter, noted for his passionate study of Roman antiquities, but he also dominated printmaking in Italy in his period. His designs circulated widely and were avidly collected by other artists in Italy…

The Swabian (or Swiss) War

Traut was a painter and draughtsman in Albrecht Dürer’s workshop where he worked along with Hans Baldung Grien. The woodcut of The Swabian (or Swiss) War is one of twelve blocks Traut produced for Dürer’s monumental Triumphal Arch of the…

La paysanne tournée a gauche, un panier a son bras [Peasant woman turned to the left, a basket on her arm]

Callot, an artist from the town of Nancy in Lorraine was a master of the art of etching. This is one of 16 etchings in a series done between 1617 and 1623. Like many of the prints in this series, it shows the same figure as a study and in a more…