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River Landscape by Moonlight

A Dutch landscape painter active in Amsterdam, van der Neer was noted for moonlit night scenes, often focusing on reflections in a river as seen here. Anthony Janson points out in his article in The Picker Art Gallery Journal the artist’s…

Boy Playing a Flute

Francesco Giambattista da Ponte Bassano (known as Bassano the Younger) was an Italian painter from Venice, the son of Jacopo da Ponte Bassano a leading Venetian mannerist artist. Francesco carried on the family workshop. He was a prolific painter of…

Portrait of John Milton (?) at the Age of 12

Van Ceulen was born to a Dutch or Flemish family living in England, where the name Janssens was spelled Johnson. Active in England as a leading portrait painter of the 1620s and 1630s, he moved to the Netherlands in 1643 for the remainder of his…