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Self-Portrait as an Old Man

This is a copy of the head in Titian’s half-length self-portrait of 1562 now in the Staatliche Museen in Berlin.

Saint Bruno in a Mountainous Landscape

St. Bruno was an eleventh-century German hermit who established the Carthusian order of monks at La Grande Chartreuse in Grenoble, and died at another hermitage he founded at La Torre in Calabria in 1101. The painting shows him at the mouth of a cave…

Bearers of Coin and Plate, Bearers of Trophies of Special Armor, from the Triumphs of Caesar

Mantegna was a celebrated Italian Renaissance painter, noted for his passionate study of Roman antiquities, but he also dominated printmaking in Italy in his period. His designs circulated widely and were avidly collected by other artists in Italy…

Sculptural Project for the Water Theater at the Villa Aldobrandina in Frascati

A sea god towering over a mermaid is battling monsters including a crocodile. Set on a pedestal, this group is surrounded by a semicircular retaining wall with sculptures of fountain nymphs and other mythological figures separated by double columns.…

Boy Playing a Flute

Francesco Giambattista da Ponte Bassano (known as Bassano the Younger) was an Italian painter from Venice, the son of Jacopo da Ponte Bassano a leading Venetian mannerist artist. Francesco carried on the family workshop. He was a prolific painter of…