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The Judgment of Paris

The central scene is surrounded by a 20” wide outer border depicting the elements of air (top), earth (sides), and sea (bottom) and their creatures: birds at the top (including an eagle, peacock, owl, and pheasant), beasts in landscape on the sides…

La Belle Ferronnière

Lucrezia Crivelli, mistress of Lodovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, was a famous beauty immortalized by Leonardo da Vinci’s Louvre portrait of the 1490s. She seems older here, where she is shown in a back view facing right and turning to look out at the…

Louis XIII, King of France

Louis XIII reigned from 1601-1643, but wasn't crowned until 1610. In the bust-length medallion he looks out at the viewer directly and wears a lace collar with a sash across his chest. The medallion is inscribed “Louis XIII Roi de France.”

Titus Vespasian

In this profile portrait, head facing right, Titus Flavius Vespasianus (Titus, son of the emperor Vespasian, who had the same name, ruled from 79-81 CE) wears a victor’s laurel wreath. The Roman numeral XI refers to the order of the Twelve Caesars…

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar ruled as dictator of Rome from 49–45 BCE. He wears a victor’s laurel wreath and cuirass. He is the first of Twelve Caesars, made famous in Suetonius’ Lives of the Twelve Caesars. The theme was of great popularity in sixteenth…

Henry VIII, King of England

Henry VII, King of England (1491-1547) is depicted in profile facing left. The medallion is inscribed “Hen[r]icus” (sic, omitting a superscript r) “IIX” (10 minus 2 = 8) “Angliae Rex” across the bottom.

François I, King of France

François I, King of France (1494-1547), is shown in a profile portrait bust facing left. The medallion is inscribed along the curve of the inner gold oval frame "François Ier."

Portrait of a Woman

This elegantly dressed woman wears a white coif with enveloping transparent veil, and a high stiff lace collar in 16th-century style with gold tassel ties. A wide white cloth covers her shoulders. She is fingering a crucifix on a long strand of…

La paysanne tournée a gauche, un panier a son bras [Peasant woman turned to the left, a basket on her arm]

Callot, an artist from the town of Nancy in Lorraine was a master of the art of etching. This is one of 16 etchings in a series done between 1617 and 1623. Like many of the prints in this series, it shows the same figure as a study and in a more…

A Game of Dice

A French Baroque artist, and member of a family of French painters, Joseph Parrocel settled in Paris in 1675. He was noted for his battle scenes, and he also painted landscapes. In Game of Dice he combines both interests. From 1667-75 Parrocel lived…