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Icon of Saint Haralambos

St. Haralambos was a bishop who lived in Magnesia near Ephesus in the second century and according to his legend he has the distinction of being the oldest of all martyrs (as he was over 100 years old at the time of his death). He is shown haloed and…

Wooded Landscape with Floral Border

The central scene is flanked by two large trees to left and right. There is a large red parrot in the tree on the left. Large leafy plants are placed across the foreground. A lake fills the center of the field, beyond which are two ruined buildings…

Louis XIII, King of France

Louis XIII reigned from 1601-1643, but wasn't crowned until 1610. In the bust-length medallion he looks out at the viewer directly and wears a lace collar with a sash across his chest. The medallion is inscribed “Louis XIII Roi de France.”

View of Vienne

Here we have a bird’s eye view of the town on the Rhone river in France with fields and a high promontory in the foreground. Small letters on various buildings, gates, chateaux, churches, and sections of town correspond to a detailed list of…

Sculptural Project for the Water Theater at the Villa Aldobrandina in Frascati

A sea god towering over a mermaid is battling monsters including a crocodile. Set on a pedestal, this group is surrounded by a semicircular retaining wall with sculptures of fountain nymphs and other mythological figures separated by double columns.…

Saint Bruno in a Mountainous Landscape

St. Bruno was an eleventh-century German hermit who established the Carthusian order of monks at La Grande Chartreuse in Grenoble, and died at another hermitage he founded at La Torre in Calabria in 1101. The painting shows him at the mouth of a cave…

The Death of Adonis

Waterloo was a north French painter and etcher active in Utrecht and elsewhere in the northern Netherlands. His oeuvre consists of landscapes often with figures. One-hundred and thirty-six etchings are extant, done in an original technique combining…

River Landscape by Moonlight

A Dutch landscape painter active in Amsterdam, van der Neer was noted for moonlit night scenes, often focusing on reflections in a river as seen here. Anthony Janson points out in his article in The Picker Art Gallery Journal the artist’s…

Portrait of John Milton (?) at the Age of 12

Van Ceulen was born to a Dutch or Flemish family living in England, where the name Janssens was spelled Johnson. Active in England as a leading portrait painter of the 1620s and 1630s, he moved to the Netherlands in 1643 for the remainder of his…